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Get 25+ Political Fundraising Emails from Democratic Campaigns in a clean PDF sent to you each weekday morning 📨

Reading Emails is fun!Getting them is less fun

As political fundraisers, we want to read fundraising emails 📧 from campaigns all over America

To do this, we have two options:
1. Clog up our email inbox 😢
2. Create a burner account and actively maintain it 😅
Instead, why not outsource your burner account and get everything sent in just one regular email to you? 📩

Introducing the...

Email Digest

Through our latest service offering, you can sign up to get an email digest of political fundraising emails made by top Democratic campaigns all over America sent to you each weekday.No need for a burner account 🔥
No need to donate $1 to thirty campaigns 💸
No need to clog up your email inbox 🗑️
Just one email. Daily. ⏲️


$5 / month 📅

Lattes cost more than this ☕

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